Monday, January 16, 2006

Black Cats, mauled

Chelsea 2-1 S(bl)underland

Well, there was no upset.There was a flicker of hope though... Sunderland got an early goal. But sixteen minutes and Crespo had levelled it. The rest was business as usual. A second goal arrived in the next half from Robben... a spectacular shot followed by an extraordinary sending off for celebrating? So, with Chelsea down to 10-men, were the Black Cats now gonna maul us?

Well, their performance seemed pretty lame... and frankly brutally worthy of only relegation and not upsetting the world's strongest team. Apart from crying "penalty" in our box (courtesy: Huth) a couple of times... they dint really do much.

Dint really watch much of the game frankly, cuz for some weird reason ESPN at my house had sound pulled off. Its just not the same watching soccer without sound!

Anyhow, I just hope for the future that Sunderland improve, if not to better their slim-to-none chances of staying up than to atleast prevent from degrading the status of the Premiership!

I wonder if Jose had a cocky statement to make on the tip of his tongue?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Be scared Chelsea... be very, very scared!

Mighty Sunderland have declared war on the Blues. While Chelsea have been scratching out victories, both in style and in toil, and trying to keep up their consistency... the Black Cats from the "Stadium of Light" (really, what sort of a name is that?) have made their own attempts at reaching such famed consistency levels as their famed london opponents (in the next fixture). Well, how else would you explain 6 points from 20 matches inspite of buying like a dozen people on promotion. Man, that takes some doing!

But here is what their coach Mc Carthy had to say -

'We just have to crush Chelsea next week now we are on a roll,Winning of any sort gives players confidence.

The win in question is over Northwich, who play in what... the 101st division or something? No disrespect to them, but just kind of trying to put Mc Carthy's statements into perspective. Let's see, Sunderland who just registered their first victory in 15 matches want to "crush" Chelsea, who are the most dominant team in Europe at the moment, because they just beat "Northwich"!

The incredulity of the declaration is just comical. He adds -

'It's bizarre, we will probably be taking Northwich's stance next week in terms of being considerably the underdog against Chelsea. But my view always is that somebody will beat them, and why not us?"

Why not you? Do you really need me to tell you why, you dolt! Now, I understand what might have been his intentions behind making such statements. Obviously McCarthy was trying to inspire his squad & everything. But really, why should he make a fool out of himself and his team in doing so. I dont mean to sound like a bully picking on Sunderland because my team are the richest team in the world and can probably pick any player they want. Things are going badly for the black cats, I get it... but instead of putting his head down to sort out his mess, you have their manager declaring they can beat the best team in Europe now.

Would be interesting to see how things turn out anyhow!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day Derby!

Chelsea 3-2 Fulham

I always knew it was going to be an exciting game, cuz Fulham are one of those few clubs in the premiership who play a very open game & who are not scared to come at you. I know their record this season looks kind of bad, but they are a better side then that, and they proved it today giving the champs one hell of a fight.

Fulham looked kinda clumsy, nevertheless the opening goal from the blues was a classic. Robben's dazzling run won the corner, & some clumsy defending, a Huth-header (he's good ain't he?) & William Gallas later, we were 1-0 up! When Lamps made it two, I was thinking to myself this was going to be a rout.

But McBride was brilliant today. With a bleeding striker & a limping goal-keeper, Fulham pulled two back. It was amazing. Everything was happening, handballs & penalty shouts on either side of the pitch (unconfirmed reports suggest that Graham Poll had a bout of acute myopia today... hangover induced!). I thought JT had given away a sure shot penalty but then again it was true the other way around too, so I guess it evens out!

But what a beauty it was from Crespo that gave us the lead! A fantastic volley on a thirty-odd yard long pass from Joe Cole, really took the breath away! It also snuffed out any whatsoever debate that existed in some corners of the bridge as to who was the best striker at Chelsea, especially after Drogba missed a howler in the dying seconds with only the substitute-goalie to beat. I mean I know he didnt have much to do, but my say wouldnt be complete till I dissed Drogba rite? So whatever. Could have been more for us had Lamps not decided to be generous and gift a goal opportunity, that he would've scored with his eyes shut, to Gudjohnson.

I was like wtf! But you dont ask questions to Lamps, so well its ok. Anyhow, a 4-2 or a 5-2 scoreline would have been really harsh on Fulham who played with a big heart
& lived to their pre-match promise of making it "nasty" for us. They are a good team and I hope they stay up for next season.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Chelsea, so far...

Well, the past few weeks have been very satisfying. We've not really played "Barcelona" soccer, but have ground out some really hard-earned victories. Over the course of the whole season, i guess these victories add up to everything, so we are definitely on the right track. The determination not to slip and the strength of character of the team has been on display ample number of times in the past few weeks and nothing typifies that gritty image more perhaps than the sight of a bandaged Lampard refusing to go off the field even though he was bleeding. The final scoreline in the face of such determination was not surprisingly a 2-0 romp for Arse & his mediocre bunch.

They might complain about ref errors & bullshit but the matchday - 16 showed the teams for what they really were & demolished whatsoever pretensions the Gunners might have had. They are simply a sorry excuse for an Arsenal team, & they are giving the club a bad name! Bet you Viera is having a laugh in Turin.

The game also saw the return of Robben to the genius he is. One devastating run he made in particular, was so cool I just cant get over it. He entered the penalty area & just as the defence & Lehmann were closing him down, he so skillfully slipped the ball into the open that it flummoxed everyone, including Joe Cole who couldnt get there in time. The genius was ahead of the game, once again! Welcome back Mr Robben, no need to pull your hair out... let's leave that to Arsenal shall we?

Among other interesting results were wings off Wigan & Middlesbrough. Good ol' JT, showing what he can do at the other end. It was just fantastic. Especially when we sacked Middlesbrough, who think they've suddenly become a great team because they're in Europe & cuz they beat a short-on-confidence (& high on Rio Ferdinand)ManU 4-0!

Among other things, a passing note on Crespo is a must. Was really glad that he came into his own. Good, now that he is a regular and once he is fit & Drogba goes off for the African Nations Cup, he will have the Primiership at his mercy again!

Let's all hope for that!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

From Geneva!

England 3-2 Argentina

That's three goals (Micheal Owen -2, Crespo - 1) from strikers who should frankly be playing in your first team, Mr Mourinho?

What do you have to say to that!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ok, let's see Crespo now!

Well, Iam no fan of Didier Drogba & I dont care what anyone else says. Iam tired of hearing - "O! he's such an improved player this season". Alright, so he is. But he wasnt very good last year to start out with anyways, so what's your point bitch?

The fact is that he is too clumsy & pig-headed to ever become a classic striker. He's got a few deft touches and all but then again so has Peter Crouch! And although the whole of the kop (& throw in Erikkson for good measure) has been bending over their backs hailing him as the next greatest thing - the fact is he is not good enough to ever be in a blue jersey & neither is Drogba for that matter. In fact he was lucky not to be off-loaded last season.

That brings me to the possible alternatives for the Jose's favourite front-man. Well, there's Carlton Cole who frankly needs another few years of experience to be any good (lets loan him out the Evertons and Blackburns, who'll be greatful to us & the lad's gonna get some decent football too). There is Gudjohnson. He is always fantastic, & one of my favourites.

But it is really Crespo I root for.

I mean he was fantastic at AC Milan last year & has got a wonderful striker's instinct. Ok, so he doesnt bulldoze the opposition centre-halfs into the ground, but he doesnt miss half a dozen chances to score in a match too.

I say Drogba's been given a decent run and he cant do much except for pant-puff-scream & shove & occasionally score from his shin! Enough, let's try Crespo now. He is too good a talent to wasted like this.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Not quite "invincible" yet!

Before Sunday

Middlesbrough 4 - 1 Man Utd
Lillie 1 - 0 Man Utd

After Sunday

Chelsea 0 - 1 Man Utd!!

Whoa!! Where did that come from? Not quite the best before & after advertisement I wudda hoped for. It seems like an inauspicious start for this blog. I mean we dropped points to Manchester and we lost out on a chance to go one up (and a big one at that) on Arsene... only 9 matches after this! That hurts. The 40-match unbeaten run is over, Arsenal hold on to their record... the blues have missed it this time.